Saturday, 16 September 2017

One of the way to keep fresh Curry leaves in your Kitchen!

My neighbors have a lot of curry leaf plants in their garden. I can pluck them when ever I want but sometimes I forget or feel lazy to go and bring fresh leaves. So I decided to cut a stem of it and place it in water on my kitchen counter. So this way I can keep fresh curry leaves readily available.

I just remove the leaves from the bottom part of the stem which goes into the water 

As soon as we keep the stem in water, they wither a little bit but after one day, they will get adjusted in the water and stay fresh. Also useful as a green bouquet in your room ;)

Happy day! :)

Friday, 15 September 2017

Traditional cookware!

Namaste :)

I love cooking in clay vessels and in cast iron wok. I got the black one from my paternal uncle. I'm grateful to him. And I bought the red one from road side sellers in Hyderabad long before. And my father bought me the cast iron vessel. Grateful to him as well. :) My mother cooks in the same cast iron vessel since she got married.

I see that most of us still cook in aluminium vessels which is not good for us. Also I see that most of us still continue to cook in non stick pans even though the coating got scratched like hell. And the thing is we take this for granted. I want people to really think whats good for us.

I have seen traditional cookware online but they are priced way too much. But if we really want to buy them, we need to go out and look for the local shops, we can get them at much cheaper price. I'm using the clay vessels for the past one year and they are doing fine. Cast iron vessels do well if we use them often actually. When not in use, I apply a drop of oil to the cast iron wok all over. This will prevent from rusting. 

Recently I'm falling in love with the traditional way of our life.
  • Eating seasonal food
  • Cooking in clay, cast iron vessels
  • Appreciating our traditional recipes
  • Growing our food 

This is how I cook rice and dal on a daily basis :)

What I feel good in the present times are as follows:

  • Rock salt,
  • Bleach free and sulphur free sugar/jaggery,
  • cold pressed oils,
  • Wholesome foods instead of packaged stuff,
  • Eating right quantity at the right time.
Please do share your views about good eating habits that you think are right in the present scenario. Happy Day! :) 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Natural lip moisturizer!

Hi everyone! Looking for a great natural lip balm, Here is it none other than our very own Desi home made ghee(cow/buffalo). You will have soft, supple pink lips after using this for a few weeks.

 I don't normally use any beauty products on my face or body. My baby boy suffered from dry lips when we moved to Panchakula. I applied ghee to his lips multiple times a day and with in no time, his baby pink lips were back.  :)

You can carry your own small leak proof container and apply ghee to your lips(with your finger) whenever needed just as you would use any other lip balm. 

You can solidify your ghee by keeping it in the freezer. 

 Cow ghee

Happy moisturizing! :)

Monday, 11 September 2017

Guess what? An elastic cloth cover for Compost bin! Isn't cute?

Hi all, I made an elastic cloth cover for my compost bin. Now it will be easy to cover my bin. Before I used to tie a cloth using rope.I wanted to make my composting as easy as possible. I find this pretty too. Its easy to do also. 

To make your own cloth cover for anything round ;) watch this tutorial. At present, I'm doing compost using coco-peat. It's going well. Finished Compost is a great gift idea for garden lovers.

Here is the composting bins area. I stored coco peat in the blue drum. And I have 3 plastic paint buckets for composting in cycles.

Happy composting! :)

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Baby Sun Rose

I got this plant from my neighbor. I'm grateful to her. She gave me some cuttings. I have planted them in a hanging pot, they are doing beautiful. For all the details of the plant, visit the link. The first time I saw this plant was in Ramoji film city, Hyderabad. It was grown as a ground cover over there in a garden. I came to realize this when I'm going through my old pictures ;)
  • Blooms only when the Sun is there.
  • Grown as ground cover, also great for hanging pots.
  • Perennial flowering succulent invasive plant.
  • Allow the soil to dry between watering.
  • Attracts pollinaters.


At Ramoji film city
Happy gardening! :)

Friday, 8 September 2017

Looking for radiant skin? Having enough 'water' ?

Namaste!  :)
Water is a very essential part of our life. I used to drink 1 litre of water as soon as I wake up in the morning since 10th standard. But now I'm not having 1 litre but I make sure I drink water as I wake up. I read some of the books of Rujuta Diwekar(famous dietician), read some ayurvedic tips on drinking water. Finally I concluded myself that I should sip water through out the day to stay hydrated, healthy & to have radiant skin.
I have a cute Baby Boy(10 months old). I have attended some classes in Rainbow hospital(Hyderabad) about breast feeding babies. In that session, one person asked about how to know if  the baby is fed enough? The Doc replied that the baby will have supple and soft skin if she has enough milk. Milk contains mostly water. 
So, It's crucial that we take a step forward and sip water through out the day daily. 

Drink a lot of water, up to five liters, about 21 cups per day. Be aware that a cup of water can be different from a "glass of water." Some glasses are large and can hold several cups worth of water in them. source- livestrong

  • Make sure you carry water where ever you go.
  • Have access to water(either in a steel bottle, jug, earthen pot) where you spend the time the most.
  • Also offer water to your fellow people to have a healthy friendship ;)
  • Smaller steps towards a healthy lifestyle certainly includes water so start it right away.
This post is a reminder to take action right now. Go get some water(not chilled pls )
Happy lifestyle! :)

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Balsam(flowering plant)

I have known this plant when I was a kid. My mother used to grow a lot of plants in my childhood. I have grown up around a beautiful garden in my native village. I think that's the reason I love plants. 

My neighbour's have this plant in two colors. They are growing under the shade of a lemon tree. Here are the pictures of them. I saw red color too in a nearby park.  For all the details of this plant, go to the link. I would collect the seeds of them soon. I wish I have my own garden space soon to create a beautiful forest  ;)
  • Adds color to your garden.
  • Bursting of the seed pods is fun to watch.
  • Available in many colors, also in mixed patterns.


Happy gardening! :)
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